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51 yo, M

A well-demarcated, corticated radiolucency at the apex of upper incisor teeth.


Gross Findings

The biopsy consisted of about 1 cm sac-like cystic mass.


Microscopic Findings

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Final Diagnosis:


  • The most common jaw cyst
    • accounting for about 60% of all odontogenic cysts
  • A peak incidence in the 4th and 5th decades, a slight male predilection
  • The most common site: the anterior maxilla ( 40-50%), followed by the lower molar area



  • Extraction of the causative tooth or root canal treatment remove the cause
  • Enucleation of the cyst is rarely followed by recurrence


Take-Home Messages

  • Should be associated with the root of a non-vital tooth (carious, root canal treated, or history of trauma)
  • Need clinical-radiological evaluation to exclude the diagnosis of inflamed developmental odontogenic cysts
  • Long-standing cysts are less inflamed and have a more regular thin epithelium.