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35 yo, F

Nodular lesion on the gingiva between her lower right premolars


Gross Findings

The specimen consisted of a 1.5-cm dome-shaped pale grey soft tissue mass with a smooth, intact surface. It was bisected longitudinally and entirely submitted.


Microscopic Findings

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Final Diagnosis:


  • Quite rare
  • The usual presentation is a nodular non-specific swelling
  • Share same histopathological features as their intraosseous counterpart



  • Conservative excision is an appropriate treatment
  • Rare recurrence


Take-Home Message

  • This lesion seems to be less aggressive than its central counterpart with rare recurrences after simple excision
  • Special care must be taken to distinguish dentinogenic ghost cell tumour from ‘ameloblastoma with ghost cells’:
  • The proportion of ghost cells (> 1-2%) and the presence of dentinoid are important features in establishing the diagnosis of this entity