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34 yo, M

Incidental radiographic finding


Gross Findings

The specimen consisted of multiple small strips of of sac-like tissue. The specimen was entirely submitted.


Microscopic Findings

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Final Diagnosis:


  • 5–22% of all ameloblastomas
  • Age
    • 16 years for cases associated with an impacted tooth
    • 35 years in the absence of impaction
  • A slight male preponderance
  • Most often located in the mandibular third molar area and ascending ramus
    • Followed by the body and symphysis
  • Most maxillary cases tend to occur in the posterior areas


Take-Home Messages

  • Radiographically mimics a cystic lesion,
    • Initial treatment often consists of enucleation
    • Further treatment is determined by the pattern and extent of the ameloblastomatous proliferation, therefore the whole specimen should be submitted and evaluated microscopically.

2017 WHO :
It has been recommended that a mural type case should be treated as a conventional ameloblastoma when it recurs