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29 yo, M

Buccal and lingual expansion of the mandible

Pain; similar to toothache


Gross Findings

The surgical material shows that the mass is attached to the root


Microscopic Findings

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Final Diagnosis:


  • 1–6% of all OT
  • Patient age range is 8–44 years (mean: 20.7)
  • No distinct predilection for gender
  • A characteristic feature is pain commonly described as sharp and similar to tooth- ache
  • The radiographical appearance is characteristic and almost pathognomonic
  • Conservative treatment
  • Recurrence due to incomplete removal



  • Conservative treatment
  • Recurrence due to incomplete removal


Take-Home Messages

Significant resemblance to osteoblastoma

Osteoblastoma do not originate from the surface of the roots and do not adhere to it